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Bubble of oil prices and revival of Russia


Sarwar Kamal

The oil prices in the international market are dropping day by day. The media is reporting that the prices have come down to 29 dollar per barrel which is the lowest price in the last 11 years. If we analyze the situation critically in the broader geo-political spectrum, we can see there is a big global game behind these oil prices.

The Americans and the Euro zone is pushing hard and urging the OPEC countries, especially the Saudis for more supplement of oil to the international market. Most of the time, the fluctuations in the oil prices depend upon the supply and demand gap, which is the very simple rule of any business. Due to the unprecedented supply of oil one can see the drastic decrease in the recent oil prices. Before the second world war, bombs, aircraft and soldiers were used to combat and destroy enemies. With the passage of time, the whole perception changed altogether now these objectives can be achieved in a non-conventional using propaganda and using other modern tools. I personally believe these low oil prices were according to the script. The script writers are the USA and European Union.

The whole idea is to pressurize and harm the Russian economy. Sooner or later this bubble of oil prices will burst. The Russian economy greatly depends on its oil. It is one of the most biggest suppliers of crude oil to the international market. Due to these developments, there is a crunch time in Russia. Inflation is on the high the Russian currency has lost its value against the dollar leaving many people jobless. Despite these latest developments, we see once again the revival of Russia as a super power at the world stage. As the say history repeats itself, maybe we are once again going into the new cold war era. On the basis of the few historic events which occurred in the recent past I will try to prove my argument why Russia is emerging as a super power and challenging the USA invincibility.

These are the arguments: 1:Russia after the USA is the only country on earth carrying out military operations outside its soil which shows its metal and might. At the moment the Russian warships are targeting anti Basharul Asad elements in the Syria despite the severe criticism and protest of the Americans. 2: I still remember Feb 1, 2003, when the American space shuttle Columbia exploded in the space killing all seven crew members. Surprisingly, as NASA and the whole of America was mourning for this tragic loss, the very next day on the 2nd Feb, 2003 the Sayooz Russian launched a rocket to space. Many pundits said that Russia is trying to give a signal to the world that it is still there and the race has not finished yet. In those days there was a tussle between the Americans and the USA on the installment of intercontinental ballistic missiles on the soil of Poland. The Russians termed it as any attempt to restrict and confined the Russian military capabilities. 3:In 1992 after the disintegration of the former Soviet Union many independent countries emerged on the map of the world, Amongst them Ukraine is the most important country both for the west and Russia. Ukraine is nowadays in the euro zone.

The Ukrainian population is consists of many ethnic groups. Amongst them the Russian and the Ukrainian community constitute the major portion. The tension between the Russia and the USA further escalated alarmingly when the Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovch signed an agreement with Russia ignoring the west. The agreement covered areas such as industry, agriculture, defense, construction and transportation. These developments were not welcomed by the Euro zone and the Americans as potential threats to their interest. The pro western people discard these agreements with Russia. Protest were organized across the country sponsored both the west and the USA. At last, the protesters succeeded to topple the presidency of Mr victor who was forced to flee Kiev and nowadays he is in the political asylum of Kremlin. The mighty and frustrated Russians retaliated by capturing the integral land of Crimea. Crimea was forcefully annexed with Russia. The relations further deteriorated when a Malaysian airliner was shot down over eastern Ukraine by the unknown militants, killing 295 people aboard.

The Malaysian flight MH-17 most of the death were from the Netherland 197.Similarly, Australia, America, Newzealand, Britain, Germany, Canada and Belgium passengers were also amongst the death. American and the Euro Union are blaming that this episode was totally Kremlin sponsored. Despite our bitter experience with the Russians in Afghanistan I personally praise the vision and the leadership qualities of the Russian president Viladimir Putin. After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, Russia was passing through the difficult period of its history but this man not only restored the global image of Russia worldwide but also took some decisive decisions at crucial times in this perspective. He can be called a true statesman doing wonders for his country after the disintegration of Russia.A statesman can change the whole course of history in a very little span of time just like Quad e Azam,

Napoleon Bonapart, George Washington, Nelson Mandela and Mozu Tung of China etc .In our case both the Nawaz League and PPP are sharing the powers in the centre for the last 40 years there credibility and performance is very clear to us. Our Pakistani think tanks and policy makers should take into account these developments in the best interest of Pakistan. Despite the unprecedented lowering of oil prices i cannot see any relief to the masses on the part of the centre. What is the logic behind it that the dollar rupee parity is still there in spite of low foreign exchange reserve for purchasing of the crude oil. Our rupee is still there 105 is exchange rate for one dollar. Similarly I cannot see the lowering of prices for the domestic commodities which is a criminal negligence.

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