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Mass movement planned against Qaqlasht housing scheme

tehreek Elected members of the Booni village councils 1 and 2 along with local notables and members of Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam participated in the meeting which was held at the BLSO office. Tehreek leader and naib nazim of village council Booni 1, Muhammad Pervez Lal, briefed the meeting about the government’s plan to grab the public pasture of the local people and carve it into expensive plots and sell them mostly to outsiders. The meeting was informed that the local people neither wanted to buy such plots nor most of them can afford to purchase them. As a result, people from Punjab, KP and other areas of the country would flood to the area and settle here after making spacious bungalows at Qaqlasht, damaging the local culture and becoming a nuisance for the area. Moreover, the people of Booni and scores of villages in the Mulkhow tehsil would be deprived of their right to use the land as a pasture and a safe place for shelter during natural disasters such as floods.tehreek2 The participants of the meeting strongly opposed the move and said they would never allow the government to deprive the inhabitants of Booni to Kushum and Kosht of their proprietary right on the pasture. The participants formed a committee to assess the number of houses in Booni after which a coordination committee would be made to hold talks with the people of Mulkhow and other areas and launch a mass movement against the housing scheme. The participants also decided that they would hold a meeting with the people of Mulkhow on January 22 to devise a joint strategy against the government’s housing plan.]]>

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  1. Salahuddin Raza says

    Please qun ap log chitrali qum k peeon ko katne ki koshaheh kar rehe ho..ya bayaban hazaron salon se banjar para hai kisi ko b fiida nahi howa hai.ya sirf janwaron ki charne k lye istimal hoti thi Abe agar ya insanon k istimal ma ajaye kya tu kya bura hai.

  2. Chitrali says

    Agree with Waseem Afzal. Any dialog or agreement with out participation of Torkhow people will be considered null and void as they are the major stakeholder in Qaqlasht.

  3. waseem afzal says

    Good initiative at all but it is never fair enough to bound this land to people of booni kosht or should be cryst clear that legally torkhow and inhabitants are very strong party to qaqlasht and more than third of this said land is part of torkhow. so any meeting or gathering in this regard must encircle torkhow people or leadership.

  4. Muhibullah says

    In order to save Upper Chitral from becoming New Bajaur or Upper Dir the residents have taken a brave step. Qaqlasht should be Chitrali only city if it is ever developed we dont want outsiders to disturb our peace and culture. I would advise that the organizers immediately file a writ petition in high court after consulting with Mulkhow and Turkhow who have majority stakes at Qaqlasht.

  5. Inam says

    In my opinion if KP government wants to make the project successful, it should reserve a portion of Qaqlasht for the residence of Booni, Kushum and Kosht the direct beneficiaries of Qaqlasht. This will enable The residence of the Flood hit area to have alternate place to live without leaving their ancestral area. This is the only viable solution to the problem. If KP Government does not gives plots (free of cost) to the residence of these area the project will remain a dream.

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