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Quake-hit village's cattle also get shelters

pens Under the earthquake emergency response for the affected community, Creative Approach for Development (CAD) provided 60 shelter houses for the cattle of Charun-Oveer and also restored the water supply system. These shelter houses were constructed with the financial support of Oncern Worldwide, an international non-governmental organization. After the pipeline of the area was damaged, women were compelled to fetch drinking water in pitches from far-flung areas on their heads. But now they will get potable drinking water in their houses through pipelines, Shahzada Musaddasirul Mulk, the chairman of CAD, told this scribe. He said CAD was working in Chitral in the areas of infrastructure development, poverty reduction and socio-economic development. An affected peasant of CharunOveer said after their cattle pens were damaged, the villagers were unable to keep the animals because they were dying due to severe cold weather and most of the people sold their animals. But now they can keep their cattle in these safe shelter houses. ]]>

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