Activists vow to continue struggle for clean & green Chitral

cheps • Organized traditional Chitrali games competitions during festivals such as one held in Qaqasht. • Arranged programmes on environment issues in 79 different schools, colleges and other institutions in Chitral. • To bridge cultural gap, arranged different scholarly programmes with youth of Chitral. • Recording and interviews of different stakeholders on the importance of environment. • Provided safe drinking water to the flood effectives of Chitral by its green club members. • After floods of 2015 in July, the green club of CHEPS raised funds and purchased solar lights, school bags, books, stationery goods, coolers for the 130 flood-affected students of Reshun, Muxgol and Garam Chashma. • The volunteers group rescued people of earthquake struck village of Charun-Owir and rehabilitated the water channels and routes of this village. • Showed lectures and documentary films in multimedia about environmental safety issues in 19 different places of Chitral to the total 40,000 participants of different age groups and sex. • Participated in “Cleanliness weak” activities initiated by provincial government. • CHEPS volunteers visited District Jail Chitral and delivered lecture of cleanliness. Mr. Riaz Ahmad superintendent Jail was awarded certificate by CHEPS for maintaining clean environment inside Jail. chep Chairman CHPES Rehmat Ali Jafrdost appealed to individuals, organizations and the government to cooperate with the society so that the dream of “Clean and green Pakistan” can be transformed into reality. During the current year, the focus will be on plantation and especially the endangered plant species will be grown in maximum numbers. The tourist spots of Chitral like Kalash velleys, Qaqlasht, Shandur and Broghil in particular should be kept clean and free from any type of pollution.]]>

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  1. The commitment of keeping Chitral clean and green is a great initiative.The prorams should focus the schools and colleges and inculcate in them a sense of responsibility to the students so each and every students should be aware of the practical importance of plantation plus cleanliness. The teachers should ask them how many students took part in the plantation week and really planted trees.The students should be trained to use dustbins for the rubbish with a message that they should also keep their homes clean and their surrounding clean and at home they should not consider that keeping the house clean is the responsibility of either the mother or elder sisters or aunties.At the same time they should also be taught to do manual work as our young shy away with the manual work.we don’t know what we are going to transmit to our younger generation if the present state of affairs remains the same
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Harchin Chitral

  2. We appreciate the environment related activities of the CHEPS, Chitral. This volunteers organization has been doing its best in keeping the environment clean and it is one of the most active organizations of Chitral. Chairman of the CHEPS, Mr. Rehmat Ali Ja’ferdost has the credit of all its country-wide activities.

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