1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    Here I would like to thank Mr. Imran Khan, Chairman, PTI and Pervez Khattak, C.M. of KPK for posting an officer who who knows his responsibilities and authority. If our DMG officers exercise their vested powers, we’ll be rid off all kinds of corruption including encroachment. I hope the provincial government would not repeat the previous bureaucratic policy which was abrupt transfer of DCs and ACs who started gaining popularity among the public of their administrative areas. It is obvious that public appreciate performance of public interest,that is what Mr. Waraich is doing. Excellent performance I should rate it! Best of luck!

  2. Abul Hasanat says

    Well done D.C..you are working hard for chitralies. We are very thankful for your loyalty… God bless you.

  3. Arshad says

    It is a pity that some persons are blaming the people and praising sambu and nha despite all what is happening to the travellers. No wonder our condition doesn’t change.

  4. Saleem Bukhari says

    The son of lion is no doubt line. Well done dupty , proud on you. Mr. Syed abbayan ali dont put the fault of adminstration on the shoulder of poor mountain community. I travel last time from chitral to peshawer and was in 10:00 am at ziyarat (chitral). While it was schedule 12 pm for openeing . But unfortunatly the the tunnel remain close uptill 5:30 pm and the passengers badly effect due to the scarcity of food as well as due to the bad weather. We reached at peshawer at 2 am early morning. So plz first travel through the route and then put aliggation on people. This is the failure of tunnel adminstration . And i myself appriciate the bold step of dupt commisioner osma waraich. Brilliant sir.

  5. Dr. Khalil says

    Well done DC Sahab, that’s what you were suppose to do. On behalf of all chitrali parents “Ta Behal Aretam”.

  6. Syed Abbyan Ali says

    As per schedule tunnel is supposed to be opened for travelers from 12PM to 6PM on Tuesday and Friday but most of the passenger don’t take it serious and don’t follow the timing and reach there before 12PM and put pressure on tunnel administration to open the tunnel for traffic. Similarly from Dir side traveler come there after 6PM and force the administration to open the tunnel till late night. This our fault if we will obey the rule and regulation and support with tunnel administration the our will be facilitated accordingly. Of course tunnel is prepared to facilitate the people not to torture and humiliate the people.

  7. Mohammad Afzal says

    The people of Chitral are fortunate to have a dynamic and energetic Deputy Commissioner after long period. He took some important initiatives in a short period of time since he came Chitral in the best of the Chitral. We the people of Chitral really will be grateful to him, if implement announced schedule and prevent precious time thousands of citizens, mental and physical torture of innocent people like children, women and elders etc. at Lawari Tunnel. There is need to open Tunnel from morning to evening on both days particularly for small passenger vehicles at least. Although, we are also thankful to Sambo and NHA officials for their great services in regards but their realization and support needed on humanitarian ground because there is no alternate options for us. Thanks to each and every individual for making efforts to develop Chitral, particularly especial thanks to late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for initiating this Lawari Project, Pervaiz Musharaf for restarting construction work, Asif Zardari for converting the project for Rail to Road Tunnel and Prime Nawaz Sharif for providing regular funds and taking interest to complete the project by the end of December 2016.

  8. Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah says

    Good that the DC Chitral has done his duty in showing sternness against the Lowari tunnel managers who are behaving like rogue elephants since the last five years, torturing the travelers and getting sadistic pleasure out of it. The tunnel is meant for facilitation of travelers. If it does not fulfill this function then what else is it for?

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