Flood-displaced people's houses marked for demolition


terhreek On Wednesday, office-bearers of Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam upper Chitral and notables of Booni along with the displaced people held a meeting with the AC and requested him to at least postpone the move. They were of the view that the flood-displaced people had nowhere to take shelter and it was not possible for them to construct any abode anywhere in the cold weather. However, the AC said he had been ordered by his high-ups to remove the structures at any costs. As a result, the participants of the meeting along with the owners of the houses, including Sultan Nasir Lal AND Pehlawan Bahadur, contacted MPA Sardar Hussain who assured them that the houses would not be removed. But it was not clear on whose direction the local administration would postpone the drive. When the office-bearers of the Tehreek contacted PML-N leader Saeed Ahmed, he said he had taken up the matter with the deputy commissioner Chitral. But he said the local admin was under the provincial government and his party being in power in the centre did not have any sway over its officers. At last, the Tehreek leaders contacted notables of Mulkhow and it was decided that the local administration’s plan to remove the houses of the displaced people would not be allowed to materialize. An office-bearer of the Tehreek told ChitralToday that people of the area along with the displaced people would resist the move of the administration on Friday. ]]>

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