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DC Chitral, retrieve our polo ground from encroachers

Reshun polo ground has been encroached on by different people leaving no room for the players to play the traditional game.

The deputy commissioner is requested to retrieve the polo ground and restore it to its original shape. 



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  1. Rehmatullah Raja says

    Good issue raised by Sohail,I myself was thinking to write on it but Sohail took the lead,well done. Actually this is not only the Reshun polo ground that is been grabbed by the encroachers,there are many other beautiful polo grounds encroached by the encroachers in different villages like Chuinj,Mastuj,Chinar,Sonoghur and in many other villages. These polo grounds once used to be active polo grounds,are now turned into barren lands not only because of the encroachments,but also because of the abandoning of the game by the players as it was almost impossible for them to keep the both ends meet in the sky rocketing price hike. In the present scenario if DC Chitral removes the encroachments and govt extends its financial support to the players;the day is not far away when the lost grandeur of these grounds may be established once again.

    1. suhail says


  2. Basit Jughooro says

    Efforts done by DC Chitral are appreciated. Unfortunate he poorly handled the bazar area. Present demolishing the shops rather Verandas was a useless exercise except mounting debris all over. It could have been handled in a better way through making the Trade Union bound to construct proper footpaths on the both sides after giving them some relief in the measurements of the shops (which is already been given). Now I have heard that most of the shopkeepers are waiting for the transfer of Deputy Commissioner to change the alteration to its previous position. Most unfortunately some Govt. officials who are responsible to supervise the matters are advising the shopkeepers to wait and let the DC go.

  3. Asif Hayat says

    well Done Suhail

  4. sher nabi says

    we do appreciates your honorable office for this brilliant work and we are going to submit an application regarding a captured polo ground in shuist yarkhun and hope that you will take a prompt action in this regard

  5. Anis ur Rahman says

    In sha Allah usama Ahmad waraich can take serious action against encroachment in Reshun polo ground.

  6. javed akrim says

    people are hopeful that the DC will go ahead against all encroachers. residents of officers colony in Denin have occupied state land by constructing rooms and other structures on state land. it would have been more transparent had the anti encroachment drive started from the building of district nazim who has occupied a portion of the road in Jughoor.

    1. Mubarak Shah says

      Mr. Javed for your kind information let me tell u that the piece of road which you have mentioned is neither occupied nor encroached. District Nazim has provide alternate road for this piece of land. it is carried out through proper and legal procedures.He has not committed any illegal act.

  7. Rashid Minhas says

    Dear Deputy Commissioner Osama Ahmad Warraich
    Thanks for taking action against encroachments. You have taken action against shopkeepers well. Would you dare to take action against powerful organizations.
    Chitral Police have captured public road in front of Chitral police station.
    It is said that the only press club of Chitral belongs to the Government Commerce College but the local media has illegally occupied the land.

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