4 Replies to “Chitral's fuel issue”

  1. Sarwar bhai the points you have brought to the limelight is of crucial importance.God has given us great huge resources of water and it is up to us utilise these resources by constructing hydel powers in Chitral and at the same time providing training to our youths to run them efficiently is even of greater importance.Gold and diamond are not actually great resources but great social capital is the real asset of the nation.At the same time,i would suggest that to promote afforestation, plantation campaign should be started from the schools and colleges in Chitral and children should know the real benefits of these plants and each child should be given a responsibility to plant a tree and this should be part and parcel of environmental education.Teachers should play their great role in this respect.
    Nizar Ali Shah Harchin Chitral

  2. Sarwar bhai i really appreciate your efforts of highlighting the problems of chatral.I hope the leaders of chatral wil give grate weightage to ur voice.and one day u will succeed in your mission.

  3. I really appreciate your effots Mr. Sarwar kamal for adressing The key issues which need to be resolved by concern authorities.it is a great effort from your side that through social and print media you are regulary addressing our problems and issues ,keep it up and we hope that your efforts will bring positive change. Wish you best of luck

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