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New Year resolutions – a little more

sahib Every year we make plans/resolutions about what we want to achieve coming year. Many people succeed in achieving their goals and dreams, while some fail to execute their plans into reality. The same cycle goes on for another year with more or less same results. I agree with Seth Godin when he says that “You don’t need a new plan for next year. You need a commitment.” So let’s talk about being committed and looking at things from a different perspective. My idea for coming year is to become a ‘little better’ in everything I do instead of planning to change things in life 360 degrees. Food for thought How about focusing on small things which will then transform into bigger achievements in life? How about deciding to be just a little better in everything we do in life? How about trying to be a little better in our personal as well as professional lives? How about smiling a little more? How about being a little more optimistic? How about trying a little harder to become better human beings? We often forget the fact that it is about managing these small things that bring about big/better changes in life. Every dream, every wish, every objective needs time and commitment to become a reality. So focus on those small but VERY IMPORTANT steps to achieve your goals in life. Remember the Law of Seed ? To bring about the big changes we desire in life, it is important to start doing a few things‘little more’. A little more Optimistic Let’s start with being just a little more optimistic in life. Remember you can’t convert a pessimist into an optimist in a single step (Law of Seed) so take the ride slowly. For New Year focus on becoming just a little more optimistic than you were last year. A little more humble Humbleness is the characteristic of Great. You want to be great, you got to be humble. The target for New Year should be to become a little more humble than you were last year. DON’T try to be overly humble instantly; trust me you wouldn’t like the consequences 🙂 A little more Civilized This is probably one of the things that is very much needed in Pakistan. We need to start becoming a little more civilized. For starters respecting traffic signals and rules could be a step closer to becoming a little more civilized: A little more spiritual Regardless of anyone’s religious beliefs, almost every one of us understands that this world is mortal and therefore it’s important to invest our energies in uplifting our spirituality. So start becoming a little more spiritual this year than you were last year. DON’T forget the rule “Never ever overdo anything instantly”. Don’t forget your spiritual needs and do something about fulfilling them regularly. A little more Happy Last but not the least; try next year to be a little happier than you were last year. Khalil Jibran says that “We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.” So choose to be a little more joyous, choose to smile a little more and choose to brighten up people a little more with your presence next year Our New Year resolution should be nothing but to strive to be a better human being, because if we fail to become better human beings we probably will fail to become a better anything (professional, successful, happier) ever. Let’s try this coming year to become an ordinary person who enlightens others, the one who tries a little harder to be a little more optimistic, humble, civilized, spiritual and happy. Sahib Karim Khan is a management consultant and international speaker who has trained, coached and consulted numerous organizations in Pakistan and UAE. He runs his own training and consultancy firm, based in Karachi. He is a resident of Brep in the Yarkhun valley of Chitral.]]>

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  1. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    It is a very good excuse for me to say, ‘ better late than never. It is still the beginning of our new year, 2016. May Allah help us to follow these golden principles of a happy life. There is no a second opinion that to try to be ‘a little more optimistic, humble, civilized, spiritual and happy’ will bring about great changes in our individual as well as collective life. An enlightening write-up by a well read consultant.

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