3 Replies to “Criminal negligence in completing road projects”

  1. During the tenure in 2008 to 2012, allot of Projects roads were started in Chitral, unfortunately PPP and ANP government they were starting projects just to get Commission from the Contractors and hence after Project were being closed due to shortage of Fund. PPP and ANP government thru their Project Leaders were collecting Commission and distributing to Zardari and Asfandiyar Khan money in advance after words project were being closed, For example, Chitral bypass road, Booni Mastuj Roads, Booni Torkhow.
    Dont worry now NAB KPK is trying to get the looted money recovered from Contractors and so many Project Leaders of political parties disappear from scene.
    Saleem Khan was a retail shopkeeper before coming into politics, with the help of Projects Leaders he is one of millionaire now.

  2. Lack of check and balance in system is the root cause of delay,atleast The contract possessors and these traitors should be evicted.
    Hegomonies of the time should come out of deep sleep and solve this issue in earliest.
    Thank you very much for raising such issues with facts and figures .

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