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Booni SHO deserves praise for good work

Muhammad Parvez Lal Muhammad Parvez Lal[/caption] Here, I would like to express my appreciation for the station house officer (SHO) of Booni, Mr Attiq from Jughur Chitral, who since his posting in the area has been doing a wonderful job. The SHO has been on his toes in nabbing anti-social elements who had been polluting the minds of the youths by selling drugs in different villages. To mention some of the initiatives, the SHO and his team raided a store in Sonoghor and recovered 150 liters of wine. In another move, a hotel was raided in Kuragh from where a sufficient quantity of charas was recovered. Though these are not a major development, but the SHO has made an impact by going after all the anti-social elements without any discrimination. If the public support this young officer, he can continue and purge the whole area of such elements to ensure a drug-free society. Mr Atiq, we apprecaite your efforts and will be backing you in all your good work for the interest of the people of the area. Continue your good work. Muhammad Parvez Lal Booni]]>

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