Seller of expired, illegal drugs lands in jail

police They said once in a blue moon the drug inspector visited the town but he never inspected the stores. They said the local drug sellers arranged the stay of the inspector in a hotel as their guest from where he went back after enjoying visits to Kalash valleys and other tourist spots at the expense of the drug mafia. It is also alleged that fake drugs were being sold in the bazaar without any check. On the direction of the district police officer (DPO) Abbas Majeed Marwat, the local police led by SHO Chitral Sultan Baig raided a medical store and recovered male potency drugs and other items which were on sale illegally. Most of the drugs were also expired, the police added. The police also recovered charas from the shop owned by Shafi Uddin, a native of the Dir district, and arrested him. The SHO said the seized drugs had been sent to the district health department for laboratory test on the base of its reports another case would be registered against the accused.–GH Farooqui ]]>

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  1. The said report is sufficient to understand the pathetic health regulation system from the part of Government.I think the old fashioned govt regulations which have proved only the indicators of a failed and fragile state function, must come to an end, and the civil society is well aware and competent enough to organize its own regulatory systems which should comprise of the experts in the field and honest leaders to combate such menace.
    Such kind of heinous crimes are not possible without the involvement and patronage of govt authorities who have become the so called custodians of state leading the country towards a dark future.

  2. Good job by the local police.Mr Sultan baig SHO PS Chitral is trust worthy police officer. He can do more if given him free hand to take action againt the enemies of human being.

  3. police has no legal right to conduct a raid without drug inspector or any health official designated by health dept.
    Moreover as chitral falls in malakand division which has one dedicated DI based at Swat;and he visits Chitral periodically.
    Im not a sympathizers of illegal drugs sellers and strongly believed that all such practices must b curbed but under the law.Other wise all such efforts will b nullified in court.

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