4 Replies to “Female MPA from Chitral made parliamentary secretary”

  1. Bibi Fouzia’s appointment as parliamentary secretary in the ministry of tourism is a timely and judicious step of the government of PTI in KPK and it a recognition of the already prevailing gender gap in development and women representation in day to day affairs of the province.There are huge potentials to develop tourism in Chitral and in KPK.Since she is not the women representative but represents the whole chitral and KPK.we expect from her that she can use her best potentials to promote tourism and in creating congenial environment and facilitate the activities of the different actors in the tourism department in KPK, thus the population of the area could benefit from the tourism industry.

  2. Congratulation to the MPA sahiba. She is equally young, energetic and qualified from an international university. This is a goodnews for Chitral. We are happy and certain that the Parliamentary Secretary Tourism will deliver and do the needful for the development of Chitral.

  3. It is good news for all Chitralis. We congratulate for your appointment as palaimentary secretary for tourism. You will do your best to promote domestic as well as international tourism.

  4. It will make NO DIFFERENCE even these Chitrali politicos are made chief ministers. We all know what a parliamentary secretary can do as there had been a provincial minister. And who does not know what he did for Chitral except promoting kith and kith. So it is useless to celebrate who is made what because no one has the capacity to serve the masses. Reject all of them and try to elect someone from the young generation.

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