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  1. (Other issues include complaints that the projects awarded by the elected representatives of Chitral are not being properly executed). i could not understand this para. Does it mean the elected representatives have awarded projects to somebody or to any organization.

  2. Mr. Waseem afzal,
    Good joke I like it, Shaheen kabi murdar gosht nai khata, Zardari apni Begam k qatal ke bad iqtidar per qabza kerleya, aur 5 saal bureucrats ko le kar ghareeb awam ka khoon peeta raha Jamhuriat k nam per, inko shaheen nai Giddh kehtay hay.
    Ye voh bureaucrats hain jo kursi pe hotay hay to awam say nafrat or hukumranon say piyar krtay hay, retirement k bad inko awam yad ajatay ha or apnay to Masha Allah isko shaheen ka laqap b dediya hay.
    May to kehta hon, NAB ko chahiya aisay retired Bureaucrate jo retirement k bad Zardari tolla ko join kerna chahtay hay, in k assets ki chan been zarur hone chahiya, phir pata chalega k ye Shaheen k Giddh like Dr. Asim Hussain, he is ready to give back to NAB all his looted national money.

  3. Mr sharafat
    Hold on the bridle
    It is your lump for the person we should be proud of.
    Always truth is sour but still comparing with a Bureaucrat is utterly insane .
    It is very fateful to say you to control the seizure of your sayings.isn’t date is the wittness who magfirat shah was and how he is the district nazim ?it is very enough to say that mr Sultan wazir is shaheen for you like kargis ,and it is cristal clear that how this shaheen has taken his flight to reach the peak .
    honoured and esteemed uncle sultan wazir not to care of such bullshits.
    Here it is for you
    Shaheen teray parwaz say jalta ha zamana
    Tu or b is agg to bazu say hawa day.

  4. @ Sharafat.. We know the District Nazim very well, your narrative that retired officials become servant of political bosses and Maghfirat Shah is some kind of holy cow makes no sense. Maghfirat Shah has been a contractor and you ought to know that what kind of relationship he had with officials. Why you are hell bent to portray him someone out of this world, which he is clearly not and although he has been lucky in politics, generally he is a very rough man. Similar things jamatis do portraying their party, which is no different than any other so-called religious parties. So hold your horse.

  5. Dont make dispute Maghfirat Shah is playing key role in every issue of public of Chitral. The People of Chitral elected Mr. Maghfirat Shah two time District Nazim, he knows very well rather than any retired Bureaucrat, who always become a servant of Political boss to get promotion during his service.

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