Over 40 illegal structures razed in Chitral bazaar in one go

shops The operation was initiated from the PIA Chowk, the main business centre at the Shahi Bazaar, where about two dozen illegally-built structures were demolished after their owners failed to remove them voluntarily within the given deadline. Deputy Commissioner Osama Ahmad Waraich was personally supervising the operation. It may be noted that the owners of the illegal structures had been issued notices to remove them on their own but they did not met the deadline. 51df362d-3402-4018-881c-7c30c9a2c860 (1) The demolished structures included some shops built in front of a plaza owned by the late Senator Shahzada Burhanuddin. Though before the launch of the operation the traders had warned of its negative consequences, there was no resistance when the staff and machinery under the supervision of the DC arrived at the spot. About 20 other illegal structures were also brought down on the Governor Cottage Road. Talking to the media on the occasion, DC Waraich said the anti-encroachment campaign would be extended to all parts of the district so that each and every inch of state land occupied by different elements can be retrieved. It may be noted that almost all the political and social circles of Chitral have welcomed the campaign initiated by the district administration.—Bashir Hussain Azad[caption id="attachment_32228" align="aligncenter" width="685"]Photo: GH Farooqui Photo: GH Farooqui[/caption]]]>

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  1. We should be thankful to the DC Warraich for his action against encroachments. Gone are the days of former DC when JI party activists were making decisions on his behalf and he was a merely signing documents. The District Nazim and his party will never back this drive.
    Chitralis are fully backing the DC and his next focus should be on Timber Mafia.

  2. There is always silver lining in dark cloud, People of Chitral languishing under serious problems and DC Chitral appeared as blessing for him. Weldon DC sb, keep it up, we are proud of you. You are true Pakistani and friend of Pakistan and enemy of corrupt people.

  3. Making the soil of Chitral free from illegal occupants and encroachments, is highly commendable. The brave Deputy Commissioner appears to be doing it single-handedly. The District Nazim and the Tehsil Nazim who never get tired of making the slogan of ” Jehad” are conspicuous by their absence in the scene. Silence of the District Nazim is neither ethical, nor legal. Why the District Nazim is behaving as a silent spectator, is a big question mark. It is his legal duty to share the burden. He is a son of the soil, therefore, he should be in the fore-front. Letting loose the wrong-doers is neither a service, nor a moral politics. We shall support the Deputy Commissioner in all his rightful actions. We can expect that the Deputy Commissioner will soon take the Timber mafia and the Contractors mafia to task and also make arrangements to monitor the progress of the projects awarded by the elected representatives to different project leaders on political considerations. Also, the progress of the projects awarded by the SRSP need to be monitored.

    1. very truly explained, i fully back you sir as being former senior bureaucrat and now a leader of a large political party you should encourage and give the due credit to the dc who seems courageous as he is young, highly educated and honest officer. what happened during the tenure of former dc may be compensated by the incumbent who after taking charge has started working day and night. as a true public public servant he is taking public interest and law of land supreme and not entertaining any illegal pressure nor ready to provide any favour to anyone.
      if district nazim or any other political figure not ready to back the dc, they would be exposed automatically bcoz people of chitral have fully appreciated the anti- encroachment drive launched by dc.

  4. No good service of any public servant goes unvalued, especially in Chitral where people are more awakened.The young DC is doing well. Extension of this anti-encroachment drive to all parts of the district would ensure restoration of a lot of public property. Yarkhun’s civil society organization, LSO,PUNAR has been requesting the Sub Divisional Civil Administration since its formation for action to restore polo grounds, which have been encroached without check.In the past these grounds served multi purposes, besides polo matches. These polo grounds were used as public entertainment centres/venues during their celebrations of festivals like, Phindic, Saal gheraek, Eids,and public meetings.
    But I am afraid that Chitralis have been unlucky to enjoying honest service of public servants in the past. The wrong doers have been strong enough to remove such officers before completion of their service tenure in Chitral. This scribe had the same apprehension when one of our DCs, Mr. Shoaib Jadoon had started reaching the remotely living rural population to solve their problems at their door step, in 2014.He was transferred before the end of the year. We humbly request the CM, KPK that the present DC must have enough time to complete this important task of anti-encroachment campaign.

  5. Well done, Mr DC, hope the operation will be extended to entire Chitral and people will get their roads, paths and other public properties like playgrounds, polo grounds back from the mafias. We are happy with the cleaning drive and checking of restaurants. It is also suggested that the DC and administration should see the affairs of water supplies, water sources, pipes, water tanks and intakes to reduce the waterborne diseases in the district. We the people of Chitral are with you in making a new Chitral

  6. i just walked down the bazaar this evening and found it so pleasing and relaxed. indeed Osama Ahmad Waraich has landed in chitral as a blessing in disguise and people across the valley are feeling the pleasant change not only in the chitral bazaar but all over even in remote and rugged valleys of laspur, torkhow and yarkhun for ensuring their rights especially when they were hit by earthquake.
    it is a fact that change starts unfolding by one person. it is hoped that dc saheb would continue his good work in best interest of people of chitral without pressure from any quarters including religious figures, politicians and elected members of national and provincial assemblies. the people of chitral are with you, mr osama.

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