3 Replies to “Chitrali author's book on prophet Muhammad wins first prize”

  1. My dear classmate,family friend and above all the great Chitrali author/Bibliographer Mr Sher Nowrooz khan,please accept our heartiest congratulations for the great achievement .indeed it is not an individual success but it is for Chitral in Gerneral and for community in particular. We pray for your long life and visinary intellectual approach of the future. May Allah help you in your intellectual search. Ameen.

  2. Our heartiest felicitations may please be conveyed to Mr. Sher Nowrooz Khan Chief Librarian Islamic University Islamabad his family and friends on wining the first prize On the SEERAT Book written by him”The Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon Him)A select bibliography in English language). We are all proud of our brilliant brother and wish him best of luck.

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