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Swiss govt thanked for approving grant for power projects

YARKHUN: People here have welcomed grant of funds by the Swiss government for establishing powerhouses in the remote area.

They said during his visit to the project site at Pawoor, Yarkhun, during 2012, the outgoing Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan, while replying to their request, had assured the local community that his Government would continue their cooperation with them , even after the completion of the project.

These projects have been completed with the financial assistance of the SDC and soft loan from the World Bank .The statement said,” this Additional Grant will be utilized in laying L.T lines, establishment of mini grid station, initiation of Entrepreneurial development projects, further improvement of channel head work and penstock, construction of office etc.”

These projects will prove spring boards for financial, educational and social uplift of the people, along with playing very crucial role in Reduction in the Emission of harmful gases in these far-flung valleys of Yarkhun and Laspur,in particular and Chitral District, in general.

The locals are optimistic of green revolution in the valleys. It is remarkable that these SDC funded MHP projects are the first biggest projects ever executed by the local communities with the technical assistance of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, Pakistan. Sher Wali Khan Aseer 

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