One Reply to “District Admin launches cleanliness drive”

  1. In Chitral market area there is no public toilet facility available to the people who are visiting Chitral town on daily basis. Especially in case of market area huge plazas have been erected by wealthy people but non of them have constructed toilet for the shopkeepers in the market/plaza. Consequently all the visiting public as well as shopkeepers uses open fields and nearby areas which results serious environmental problem and often bad smell felt in the whole market area. In this connection DC Chitral is requested to take immediate step and direct TMO official for early construction of public toilet facility in market area. Secondly all the owners of huge markets and plazas should be strictly order for construction of toilet in each market so that shopkeepers can be facilitated and using of open field could be discouraged which has created serious cleanliness problem in Chitral bazar. DC Chitral is once again requested to take serious notice of this burning issue if he want clean and green Chitral. We always wish success and best of luck for the brave, courageous and committed DC Chitral who is interested in resolving problems of Chitral on sustainable basis.

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