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Welcome to our new Syrian-Canadian brothers & sisters

letter We are humble and saying a lot of thanks to our great Prime Minister Honourable Jestin Trudeau and Liberal Party of Canada to fulfill the promise he made during the October 2015 election campaign. We also thank the Honourable Immigration Minister Mr John Mccallum and his team for making such a wonderful arrangement and quick process in a vary short and challenging time. My brothers and sisters, today when you come out from the airport you are no more refugees as the term will turn into “Permanent residents”. You will enjoy a lot of rights and countless benefits and privileges that you had never think about. Yes here is a bright and guaranteed future for your children and grandchildren. My Syrian-Canadian brothers and sisters, let me tell you that in this great country the law is equal for everybody regardless of their religion, colour, back-home affiliation and your ethnicity background. Here diversity is not counted as a weakness but Canadian foundation and values are based on pluralism ,diversity and multiculturalism according to the law of the country.You are free to observe your any kind of religious practices under the prescribe law, your religious obligations are protected and respected under the Charter of rights in the Canadian Constitution, and all Canadians are expecting from your side to follows the law of the great country.You will get a lot of respect and freedom and Canadian will expect the same from your side. My fellow Syrian, our great Liberal Canadian government is taking every possible steps for your well-being and safety there are many excellent arrangements have been taken by govt.and semi private agencies are also in full-fledged move for providing you better services .We all should thank for the Canadian Govt. My brothers and sisters, you are entering Canadian soil in this vary special and Holy month of Christmas vary soon our nation will celebrate Holy Xmas so we offering you Marry Christmas in an advance. We pray together that God bless Canada and our nation.We are one United and pluralistic nation under the red maple leaf flag. Gul Jee Richmond Hill On.]]>

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