Boulders yet to be removed from Yarkhun road

brep2 The most affected part of the road was in the south of Brep village. When the quake shook the mountains, a land cruiser carrying a wedding party going from Ghizer to the Broghil valley was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of the huge stones hit the vehicle and two of the passengers sitting on the right side were hit in the heads. They died on the spot. Four other injured were taken to hospital in Mastuj in critical conditions. brep1 A motorcycle rider who was also driving southward at the same place saved his life by taking cover under a hillock. The road to the valley remained blocked for several days till the local themselves removed the stones on a self-help basis. But the boulders are still on the road and need a machine for their removal. Local residents have demanded that the authorities concerned should order the removal of the obstacles from the road. Photos provided by GH Farooqui brep ]]>

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