Thank you PM & thank you DC Chitral

letter Immediately after the earthquake, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited Chitral and announced a package for the earthquake affectees and also directed to start relief and rehabilitation process without lose of single moment. The district administration under charismatic leadership of Deputy Commissioner Osama Ahamd Waraich started verification of the damages and collected damage report in a shortest possible time. It really goes to the credit of DC Chitral that he started relief work immediately after the calamity and initiated distribution of compensation within one week of the earthquake. In Chitral, calamities always came in the form of floods and earthquakes etc and rehabilitation and relief work started so lately and trickle-down of the relief to the affected community always remained negligible. But this time the DC Chitral demonstrated heroic state of administration and within no time distribution of the compensation started on transparent and speedy basis. For this heroic initiative, the DC Chitral and his team efforts are highly appreciable. Although there are minor complaints from the people regarding the verification process, by and large the whole system of relief and especially distribution of compensation remained exemplary. Recently, I visited a few villages in Chitral and held informal conversation with local community and received positive remarks from the people for two personalities: PM Nawaz Sharif and the DC Chitral. In one of the occasions, when I visited an extremely poor person who was reconstructing his damaged house through the compensation, he was praying for long life of the PM and DC Chitral for the support. He also said that the PM also announced relief packages for flood affectees but trickle-down of relief in flood was zero. The recent transparent distribution of compensation to the people resulted due to commitment and honesty of DC Chitral. At last, the affected person said” Thank You PM” and started erecting his wall. Nasir Mehmood Chitral]]>

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  1. Thanks God, After long time period we have an honest and hard working officer in Chitral. Instead of criticizing we must guide this young and energetic officer for betterment of Chitral. There might be some mistakes in distribution of cheque but all these are not done deliberately for vested interest. Important thing is that the officer is honest and not corrupt, which we experienced in the past.

  2. But the patwaris under the kind control of DC Chitral Mr Osama Ahmed Waraich are still doing for which the were known. All the delay in distribution of compensation cheques, mismanagement, accusations of giving favours to kiths by patwaris, and flawed surveys were repeated this time around when an earthquake of high intensity hit the district. When an efficient assistant commissioner at Mastuj sprang into action the fraudsters, people had a sigh of relief, which also prompted patwaris to launch conspiracy against him. Here we would like to urge the DC Chitral not to spare the patwaris who are involved in undertaking fake surveys and including the names of their relatives in the list of the victims. The people of Chitral are awaiting stern action against patwaris, because they are still wandering scot-free despite doing all the bad things. A test case for the DC Chitral.

  3. Really Thank you, PM & DC Chitral. Compensation announced during flood ended in smoke and net transfer to the people remained zero. It goes to the credit of DC chitral that compensation for earthquake net transfer to community remained 100% due to the interest and hard work of DC Chitral.

  4. Definitely, sitting DC Chitral completely revitalized district administration and people at large realize that district administration is active to resolve problems of the masses seriously. Especially speedy distribution of compensation on transparent way is highly commendable and it reflect professional efficiency of DC and his staff. We have never experienced such state of proficiency and honesty in the when people were compensated after natural calamity. Each and every affected household has been given compensation through corss-cheque which show transparency.

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