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An appeal from Harchin village

letter Government of Pakistan and NGOs are working and assisting the quake-hit people. Unfortunately, political candidates distributed cheques and other materials to those people who did not deserve to get assistance from the government and NGOs on the basis of personal lieks and dislikes etc. Those who deserved to get assistance are ignored by the political candidates. As a result, scores of people still remain helpless and looking for the assistance from the government and NGOs. And I strongly appeal to the PDMA that the reconstruction and relief distribution should be totally handed over to Pak Army. We do not believe in the political candidates as they all are not in favor of the public. They are depriving the local people of their rights instead of help them. The Harchin village is inhabited by about 300 families. Most of the families are very poor and have no sources of livelihood. They are really deserving people but have been ignored. And cheques and other materials are distributed among other families who have strong economic background. Below is the list of the people who deserve to get cheques and other assistance but they are ignored by the political candidates due to personal reasons. Hakim Jan, son of M.Nazir, Harchin/Laspoor; Haider Aman, son of Bilawari Harchin; Zar Wali, son of Sher Wali Khan, Harchin; Dinar Khan, Mass Khan, Harchin; Muhammad Khan, Harchin; Zar Aman, son of Bilawari, Harchin; Zaishan Nazir, Harchin and Zar Than, son of Sher Wali Khan, Harchin/Laspoor. The names of these people were not mentioned in the list at the time of the survey. They did not get any help from the government nor any NGOs. I hope the government will take immediate action in this matter and provide the deserving people their rights. As you know about the weather, it is very cold and the area already had snowfall. So, how they will pass their live without any assistance? Hakim Jan Harchin/Laspoor Chitral]]>

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  1. Tajamul Hussain says

    The district administration should give EXEMPLARY PUNISHMENT to all government officials in such kind of activities. This will tarnish the image of the Deputy Commissioner as he is head of the district. We appreciate the efforts made Mr. Waraich for taking notice of the complaints made against the patwarees. Keep up the good work, sir.

  2. hakim jan says

    thanks sir for your kind and immediate response.

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