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  1. Khalil says

    Syed Akber Hussain Shah, the nephew of Syed Sardar Hussain Shah MPA, is also one of the major beneficiaries of Benazir Income Support Programme. The BISP officials in Booni have made almost all his his family as members, declaring them as poorest of the poor. Now the MPA also gave him the compensation cheques. This is not the fault of the MPA rather the patwaris are hand in gloves with him. The AC Mastuj should hold an inquiry against this particular person that why he has hijacked the whole area. An FIR should be registered against him and the patwaris who have the list of his relatives who got the cheques ignoring he and his relatives had no damages in earthquake as well as in the floods. Things will be alright when he along with the particular patwari who conducted the fake survey are sent behind bars. Can, we the people of Brep request the DC Chitral and his energetic AC Mastuj who is an upright man to take stern action against this man or nothing will happen in this broad daylight robbery case? A test case for AC Mastuj Hamidullah Khattak. We don’t trust his tehsildar and the additional assistant commissioner.

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