Schoolgirl injured after falling into nullah

goldur Residents said the daughter of Zahid Chughtai was coming home from school and crossing the nullah when she fell down and was taken to hospital. The pedestrian bridge over the stream was washed away during the July floods but has not been reconstructed. A resident of the area has installed woodedn plunks over the stream and taking money from the pedestrians. But this over 30-foot high crossway is very dangerous especially for women and children. Talking to this scribe, the injured girl said, “I was coming from school and wanted to reach home quickly. There is a wooden piece on the Goldur nullah and a stair has been fixed to it by the local people. Passengers first climb or descend through these stairs and then cross a wooden piece as a bridge.” She said she fell down from the woodedn plunks and fell unconscious. “When I regained consciousness, I found myself in hospital.” She sustained injuries to her backbone but her spinal cord remained unhurt. The broken bridge is situated just about 100 metres from the deputy commissioner and district nazim offices. Hundreds of school-going children and women daily cross this dangerous wooden piece but the authorities have not bothered to reconstruct it.—Reported by Gul Hamaad Farooqi ]]>

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