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Keeping Chitral on empty promises

pm It may be recalled that during his visit to Chitral in the aftermath of the earthquake, Nawaz Sharif expressed his anger after being informed that the flood-affected  people in Chitral had not been paid compensation despite his clear orders. Mr Sharif on the occasion said that an investigation should be held against people who did not implement his directions. He said that he would not tolerate the delay in the payment of compensation to the earthquake affected people and ordered that the process should be completed in three to four days. He also promised that he would again visit Chitral soon to preside over the cheque distribution ceremony. But neither the prime minister came back to Chitral nor his directions to pay compensation to the affectees could be followed. Day in and day our the people of Chitral are protesting against not only the delay but also the exclusion of  hundreds of affected people from the original lists prepared by village council members. The quake-hit people alleged that the local administration was still carrying out verification of the lists and dropping most of the names of the people whose houses were partially damaged, depriving them of the right to get paid a few thousands rupees to repair their damaged houses.]]>

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  1. ejaz says

    it has been our bad luck that not in a single time ur mna or mpa`s belonged to the ruling party, but as a prime minister of the country nawaz sharif should think about chitral and its the time for him to make himself strong in chitral, because history tells we have always been loyal to those when have show sympathy towards us. but our Nawaz is a person who doesnot even try to think about that

  2. sabur uddin says
  3. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    Appreciate your concerns, but look at the ground realities:
    PML-N in federal govt, PTI is in KP govt, our MNA is from APML, Nawaz Sharif’s enemy # 1, our both MPAs from PPP, out of govt out of people’s hearts, distt govt is headed by JI et al religious parties. in this amu khitchri, we need a bold, pragmatic, outspoken and sincere leader to fight for our rights. but unfortunately we have none. as a result, our people are today helpless even though chitral has been devastated first by floods and then by the quake. poor chitralis will continue beating their chests as long as they do not decide to bring a change among themselves and remain stuck in petty differences.

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