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Misuse of rehabilitation funds by TMAs feared

flood Some circles also expressed the feat that the elected representatives at the local level in the district as well as in the tehsils would divert the funds to areas on the basis of their likes and dislikes leaving the damaged infrastructure unrepaired. Sources privy to the matter told ChitralToday that the members of the local councils, district and tehsil councils were trying to identify and select projects which were not even slightly affected by the floods. In this practice, officials of the TMAs were facilitating the political circles for their own vested interests. It is also learned that for this purpose a number of schemes have already been identified by different members which would be executed through the rehabilitation funds allocated by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA). If this practice goes on unchecked, there is no doubt that the flood-affected infrastructure would be left behind and the funds would be (mis)used on the schemes proposed by the district and tehsil council members. The development has sent a shock wave among the public circles here and they have warned that the tehsil nazims and TMOs would be responsible for this kind of embezzlement and favoritism. The public circles demanded that the deputy commissioner Chitral should intervene in the matter and ensure merit in this matter otherwise the funds would be used as a political bribe by the district and tehsil councilors. ]]>

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