PU notifies fee waiver for Chitrali students

pu The notification stated, “In pursuance of the notification issued by the Governor vide letter No SO(III)5(1)18(GS2015/09/35) dated 26.08.2015 regarding relief measures for students belong to Chitral, the competent authority is pleased to waive off admission fee of all bonafide students of Chitral district studying at the University of Peshawar for one academic year.” The notification was signed by Dr Hizbullah Khan, the director admissions on November 3, 2015. The notification’s copies have been forwarded to all the departments for implementation. It may be noted that the Chitrali students of the Peshawar University recently held a protest demonstration against the delay in the remission of the fees by the university despite the directions by the governor of KP after the devastating floods in Chitral in July-August 2015.]]>

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