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Depriving needy people of their due rights

letter Focus Humanitarian Assistance Program is working under the banner of the Aga Khan Development Network. Its response to the emergency situation during the July-August floods and the earthquakes was remarkable. However, a few people at helms of the voluntary setup degraded its position and services, especially in Charun village. Since the earthquake fully damaged four houses in the Charun village, it was the responsibility of the captain of Focus to provide tents and other available resources to the affected people, so that they could at least be provided shelter to protect themselves. But the captain of Focus in Charun did not heed to the request of these needy people, and provided the necessary emergency requirement to their own people. When the person was asked why he deprived the rightful people, he said it was his authority to do whatever he wished. Is it a right response, not at all! My request to the voluntary setup and other authorities is to see the ground realities and the response of voluntary captain on the need of the time, and immediately remove this person from his position, because he is not in a position to do justice with his responsibility according to the vision of the organization. Ahsan Ali Charun,Chitral]]>

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  1. Muhtarram Shah says

    What to talk of captain of Focus when even institutions like AKDN, the governments departments and disaster management setups are unable to manage things. We have become too much dependent on donations, writing off government loans, etc. I think it is good time to plan for ourselves individually and as a group in each village to deal with such catastrophes. The government and other development agencies might take years to implement their reform/agendas. We should shun the approach of asking for more and rather look out for each other like our forefathers did.

  2. Najib Ullah says

    He’s a person can do nothing how can he responds to emergency situations. You are right he must be replaced with an able person.

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