516 houses damaged in 11 villages of Mastuj


As many as 516 houses have been found damaged in 11 villages of Mastuj from the recent natural disaster.

This is the number covering only a few villages as the survey is in its initial stage. In a report the organization, Elaj, released the following findings of its ongoing survey.

Laspur valley: In the Balim village, the number of hosues damaged is 109, Sorlaspur 180, Raman/Porth 70, Broke 39, Harchin 28. In Mastuj’s Sarghuz village 12 houses were damaged, Chuinj 15 houses, Brep 33, Khuz nine, Parkusab three houses and Chapali/Kargin 15 houses.

An official of the NGO said tents given by the government in Mastuj area were single fold/non-water proof. Temperature in the area has gone down below -10, he added.

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