But let not your left hand know…

flood Besides, Chitralsi living outside also felt the need and collected donations and sent them to the flood affectees. It is a fact that every affected Chitrali needs cash and all the basic items of daily use, especially shelter items as the winter sets in. But sometimes it looks very awkward when flood-affected people are photographed receiving currency notes from individuals and later used as a publicity tool. floods Khurshid Alam Khan, a resident of Dokandeh in Booni, who works at a hospital in Kabul, also collected donations from other Pakistanis in the hospital for the flood-affected people of Chitral. A press release said he handed over Rs50,000 to Coucnillor Sultan Murad Khan of Brep and Rs40,000 to retired Subedar Ibrahim Wali of Muzgol for onward distribution among the affected people. After the distribution of the amount, the people of these two villages thanked Khurshid Alam and the other Pakistanis for arranging the amount, added the press release.—Reporting by Bashir Hussain Azad]]>

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  1. But let not left hand know, or do good and care not to whom and so on and so forth, are some of things which should be followed by those who are doing anything good for anybody. But, unfortunately in Chitral it has become a fashion to go for a photo session even if somebody offers a cup of tea to a needy. People pose for photograph even by giving alms. This is called illiteracy, ignorance and it would not be wrong if may say that it is like looking down on in somebody who is in trouble. And at the same time publicity mongers must not be promoted no matter what as this is nothing but making fun of those who are in trouble. But again it needs awareness to understand what you are doing and how bad impression it gives.

  2. I am always with you my dear chitralies peoples don’t worry God bless you all in every time Ameen.
    Sher Ahmed Shah
    Kabul Afghanistan

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