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PPP in forefront for promotion of education in Chitral: MPA

SALIM The MPA also announced the establishment of a computer lab for a private school in Drosh. Speaking at the inaugural ceremony attended by a large number of party workers and local notables, the MPA said since former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the PPP had done lots of work for the promotion of education in Chitral. He said the PPP would be in the forefront in promoting education in the valley in future too. He said the PPP had laid a network of schools across the district, adding the daughters of Chitral were not behind their brothers in terms of education. He said during the previous government of the ANP and PPP in KP, two university campuses were set up in Chitral to facilitate the youth of the valley to pursue higher education at their doorsteps.salim2 The MPA also said land had been acquired in Saedabad area of Chitral for the establishmet of a university while talks with the HEC officers were in the final stages and work on the project would be launched soon. He said during the ANP government, he arranged funds for a number of mega projects, including the two university campuses, Chitral bypass road, Drosh water project and Golen water project. Speaking on the occasion, District Council member Mahmoodul Hassan, Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir, chairman village council Shah Nigar, ANP Drosh president Shahzada Ziauddin, PPP vice-president Javed Akhtar, Shahzada Nizamudin, Qazi Faisal, Ahmed Saeed, PPP youth councilor Kalim Hyder and others praised the services of the MPA.—Bashir Hussain Azad]]>

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  1. Sharafat says

    Indeed, there is no doubt that PPP has been in the forefront for the promotion of education of corruption in Pakistan Chitral, they know how to cheat the people in the Name of Bhatto, now thanks God people of chitral also rejected them in locals govt. election.

  2. Pinin khan says

    Reconstruction of Garam Chashma road is very important.

  3. Arshad says

    Indeed PPP has been in the forefront for the promotion of education of corruption in Chitral, rather Pakistan. Otherwise ZA Bhutto as PM Pakistan, had allowed promotion of students without exams in the mid seventies and those students are now in responsible posts ruining the country.

  4. Fardad Ali Shah Sanik says

    Thumps up for Mr. Salim Khan. We appreciate your kind efforts for Chitral and expect much more. It is humbly requested to consider the Garam Chashma-Chitral road in your next plan, so that the local community can benefit from the road. It is also for your kind information that 03 vehicles faced fatal accidents and now its time to work for the main road as Karimabad, Arkari and Lotkoh valley are the main beneficiaries of this road.

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