Community interest vs vested interest

The building of a hydro powerhouse in a village in Lotkoh that won laurels for the cluster members was demolished by some selfish elements in connivance with the officials of the AKRSP and PEDO without taking the cluster members on board.

This has created a sense of resentment in the whole area. The 50 KW powerhouse was initially established at Yurjogh in the year 1995 through financial and technical assistance of the AKRSP. The construction work was carried out by the community members on a self-help basis. The powerhouse catered to the 320 households of the area. In 2012, another powerhouse (150KW) was built at Thonik village through the cooperation of the AKRSP from which 22 houses of eight small villages are benefiting.

 A generator-based powerhouse set up at Droshp by the government also supplies power for a few hours to the area. Early this year, the AKRSP won bids floated by the KP government for the construction of scores of mini-hydel powerhouses in Chitral and some other districts.

The funds allocated by the provincial government were to be utilized for the establishment of mini-hydel powerhouses in such villages which had no powerhouses. The project also did not envisage the replacement of any old powerhouse. Yurjogh already had three power stations, two owned by the cluster organizations and one by the government. One of the two community-owned powerhouses (50KV) was demolished while the other (150KV) is still functional and provides electricity to the villages of Sanik upper and lower, Yurjogh and Thonik etc.

The dispute over the setting up of a new power station started when the powerhouse building at Yurjogh was demolished by handful of local people without taking all the 22 cluster members into confidence. The members of the clusters are of the view that the land and the building of the demolished power station is the property of all the clusters and it cannot be used by a few cluster members or any organization. They also say that if the new powerhouse funded by the government is built at the site of the old powerhouse, it should cater to all the 22 clusters.

And if anyone wants to get a new powerhouse built in the village, they should select a new site for it. The people of the villages have demanded that the KP chief minister and other authorities concerned should order an inquiry into the matter so that the funds allocated for the project could be used for the benefit of all the clusters instead of being utilized by a few that too encroaching on the property of the residents. 

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  1. According to the bylaws of GADO and company ordinance, no defaulter can be the member of GADO. Its surprised to see the circulars stated clearly in previous AGM meeting. Surprisinfly Mr. Amir Wali Khan and Mr. Mohammad Wali are the defaulters of cluster as well VO. AKRSP and some community members after knowing the truth supporting the culprits and they are working just for financial benefits from GADO. My next letter will be on a title that “defaulters in GADO BOD and defaulters in VO’s”.

  2. Well said Mr. Karim and Mr. Rehmat Noor.
    Take all the cluster members into confidence and I request the self interested people to finish rigidity and to listen to the voice of the majority people.
    During the meeting several timing Yourjogh VO president said that the project is given to him and he can include members according to his will. I am surprised that PEDO is giving project to single sole not to the community.
    We are happy that PEDO has provided very good opportunity so please change your site, we are with you as you are very respectable for me. Don’t use cluster property and distribute the electricity according to your will after constructing it in new site. Not only me but all the cluster members will work volunteerly with you in the new site. We will appreciate your kind efforts always so select new site and if you want mobilization for new site we all cluster members are ready for mobilization and motivation of people where to establish the MHP.

  3. I agree with sajjad but I don’t agree with Karim Khan that I might be x.official of cluster because I just read your comments and take out the discussable sentences among them and put up to you people who are trying to know well the matter.Yes,you say that once this land was used as cluster property and is but now the community should sit together and resolve the issue.The people of yourjogh and Sanik give reason that the new project has achieved through the village organization not the cluster officials and therefore both of the community leaders ,the cluster and Yourjogh-Sanik sat together to resolve the issue but some other villagers tried to exploit the deed between cluster representatives and the community of the villages Yourjogh-Sanik.Here Mr.Sajjad says that the project to be established for all the member vo of the cluster. It is
    looking very good and productive because those eight vo are belonging to the same cluster but Yourjogh,Sanik Bala,Payeen and others are belonging with one village as I have understood.You good people should try to resolve the issue,sitting with both the concerned community of the cluster and the villagers.On media everything could be written but actual issue is to solve the problem practically.You are the people who can bring the community nearer to each other,if you are sincere,if not then goodbye to the unity of the community.
    Mr.Karim Khan you should know that I am not misguiding the people you do that and say that this land is not only belonging to Yourjogh and Sanik.

  4. Mr.Haqeeqat plz mention your real name if I am not ? this is your nick name. I think so ? your X-cluster official of Yourjogh cluster. The old power House property of Yourjogh cluster not only Yourjogh and Sanik bala village. Plz don’t misguide the peoples. You never prove this. The homework is complete. Karim Khan Garamchashma.

  5. Dear Mr. Haqiqat
    I am not against any developmental activity specially MHP construction. I requested and requesting to construct MHP according to the rules and regulations where there should not be one man show. Give equal opportunity to every member of the cluster.
    Let me clear they selected area for MHPvis the sole property of Yorjogh Cluster and majority members want to construct it making all cluster members the beneficiary of the MHP. It should not benefit only one village, we want all the cluster members composed of 8 villages should be the member as the MHP site belongs to the cluster not Yorjogh. They cluster benefitted from the power house for more than years and now the self interested people want to make it their property by constructing the MHP. We welcome Yorjogh VO/ members to construct the MHP in new site, we are with them and we are ready to construct the MHP volunteerly. As we have done lots of volunteerism. I am the voice of more than 300 members of the cluster, and I am writing about this to bring into the kind notice of KPK govt as the PEDO and AKRSP authorities are not interested to solve the problem. Its very simple solution change the site, as their are hundreds of site present for new MHP. If the whole cluster members are not the beneficiary than why these self interested people are using Cluster property. Not only me but all the members are not allowing to use the cluster property.
    We are ready to work with them in new site.

  6. Mr.Sajjad
    I don’t know whether you are official or community member but your wording seems not of a journalist. It has been reported to you or you are writing on your own behalf. If you belong to the community, you Should pay attention to resolve the conflict and if you are official, you should convince the AKRSP and PEDO that Yourjogh Cluster has sufficient energy sources.You say that Hydal Powers are belonging to Thonik, Golaki and the government in Droshp. You have said nothing about Yourjogh and Sanik that they have electricity power house. So these villages are privileged
    with KP funds and these deserve the best.Why you are so angry with the fund which is being used in the best interest of the public in such a remote areas, where the community is very grateful to the present government. Once the people were in a large form and were managed well and source of energy was more than need and now it is felt that the need is more than available energy sources.

  7. I 100% disagree with your narration because where are three power houses in Yourjogh. One is in Thonik and the other is under construction and is under control of Beshqer. Now Yourjogh and Sanik have got fund for themselves and is being argued regarding property ownership among the local community.

    1. Mr. Haqeeqat! Read the paragraphs thoroughly.
      Let me again clear for your kind-self that I have written Yourjogh Cluster not Yourjogh. Yourjogh Cluster means 8 villages, Sanik Bala, Sanik Payeen, Yourjogh, Beshqir, Thonik, Gholaki, Bisri, Khora Gol. 25 community based organizations are present in these villages.
      Second, two Micro Hydro Power Plant (MHP) both were functional one having 50kw in Gholaki area which was demolished. And the other MHP present in Thonik, third the govt electricity present in Droshp, circulating electricity to whole Garam Chashma including Yourjogh Cluster.

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