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Reconstruction funds being embezzled: MNA

Shahzada Iftikharuddin Shahzada Iftikharuddin[/caption] In a statement, he said the people of the under-developed Chitral district had suffered huge losses as the flood in July was the worst disaster in their history. He reminded that roads were washed away, irrigation channels were destroyed and the infrastructure was damaged. “We have detected anomalies in the reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. Irregularities are being committed and the funds earmarked for projects are being embezzled and wasted,” he complained. The MNA said there was still no electricity in upper Chitral. He pointed out that the Reshun power project would need Rs1.5 billion to rehabilitate, but it would take three years to complete the project. He said funds had been earmarked for reconstruction projects, but the real challenge was to properly and honestly use the money for the benefit of the people. “The payment to the line departments and organizations should be made after developing a mechanism to measure the work done. The progress on the projects needs to be monitored on the ground so that there is transparency,” he added.–The News]]>

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  1. khan Ali says

    These political systems make no sense. Chitralis are dissapointed with the elected representatives. I see two news items this week,one of MPA and now second for MNA both are saying the same thing, perhaps, they are waiting for the angels to come and fix the issues.
    A very sorry state of affairs.

  2. Arshad says

    Cannot agree more with Basharat sahib. If MNA also harps on ‘should be done’ and ‘needs to be done’ who the hell will do it. Public representatives are elected to bell the cat, not merely suggest that the cat should be belled. Suggestions such like are given by journalists social workers and bazar based petty politicians, not elected representatives!

  3. Basharat says

    It is very unfortunate that our MNA seems to be helpless in pointing out the embezzlers of the rehabilitation funds. MNA sab, we do not want to hear word like “should be”. Who will bell the cat, if there is any mismanagement or embezzelement in utilization of funds. The affected people struggling to do their best and they look at you and all other public representatives for solution of of their problems. Please name those individuals or organizations who are involved.

  4. Shah Karez says

    Shahzada Iftikhar please pursue the rehabilitation of Chitral Buni road on emergency basis. A stitch in time saves nine, further delay could cause further damages and the cost would be beyond the resources of the Government Exchequer. We need not count the miseries people of Upper Chitral are undergoing because of the condition of this road.

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