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Disabled man protest against lawyers

Akhtar After the ruling by the court, the wheelchair-bound Akhtar Azam of Morder in Mulkhow came out of the courtroom and started shouting at the lawyers of his ex-wife for what he said rendering his three small children orphans. He alleged that on his protest, the lawyers of his ex-wife also manhandled him in the middle of the road. Azam continued sitting on the road along with his children and was later persuaded by the local people to go home. It may be noted that in 2001 Akhtar Azam entered into a love marriage with Ms Fouzia of Muzgol. A few years ago, however, Azam fell from the wall of his house and got both his legs paralyzed. After he became disabled, his wife left her and sought Khula from the court of law which was pending adjudication. On Tuesday, the court announced its verdict and gave Khula to the woman. The couple have three children. A lawyer told ChitralToday that under the law, a woman can move a court and take divorce from her husband. ]]>

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  1. Nini Shahid says

    Omg..such a stone-hearted that he needs her the most,shex leaving him..poor man..a wife is supposed to stand besides her husband in hard situation.and astonishingly, she even dint think about her little kids.mothers can sacrifice every thing fr their kids.look at this woman..if a woman is not loyal to her husband and kids then she cant be loyal to anyone..may Allah make things easy for the poor guy and his kids .ameen

  2. Ansa Nizam says

    may Allah pak help this man n his children.

  3. Atta Khan says

    OMG look at the kids how cute they are masha Allah, how a mother a symbol of love could be that cruel and do that with her kids??? its unbelievable, that is really disgusting, May Allah help these kids and their father…

  4. Shahzad Ali says

    Shahzad Ali s0 sad…shame 0n such selfish lady….

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