Racing for publicity stunt?

ALL HAPPY? ALL HAPPY?[/caption] And if there is a chance available, they are also racing for publicity stunts notwithstanding the miseries and agonies the flood-affected people have been undergoing since the calamity hit them over three months ago with no prospects of being helped either. On Sunday, MNA Iftikhar Uddin reached the Kalash valley along with officials of the district administration, Focus humanitarian organization and the AKRSP to hand over a bags of wheat flour and some other food items donated by the World Food Programme (WFP) to the flood-hit families. It may be noted that for the distribution of the food items provided by the WFP, the AKRSP prepared a list of 3,375 families in the Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Rumbur as well as Reshun and Mulkhow. The task to distribute the food items among the families has been given to the Focus humanitarian agency. But the displaced people of Brep, which was the worst-affected village, in upper Chitral were excluded from the list due to unknown reasons. Besides the MNA as chief guest, those who attended the food items distribution ceremony in Bumburate on Sunday included additional DC Chitral Abdul Ghafar, WFP coordinator for KP Umair Lodhi, manager IT AKRSP Fazal Malik, manager AVDP Wazir Zada, manager Focus Chitral Amir Muhammad and consultant Shujaat Ali. Speaking on the occasion, the Focus manager said the food items were being distributed among the flood-hit people as a compensation for the work they carried out on a self-help basis for the rehabilitation of their houses and other infrastructure. He said 934 families in Bumburate were being given the food items for three months. Initially it was decided that the WFP food items would be provided to 16,000 families and the proposal is still being looked into, he added. MNA Iftikhar Uddin said the floods had caused such a large-scale destruction in Chitral that billions of rupees were needed for the reconstruction activities. He said when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited Chitral, the estimate of the reconstruction was Rs1 billion but after his visit more floods brought more devastation, taking the total needed amount for the reconstruction to over Rs6 billion. He told the flood-affected people to continue the reconstruction work in accordance with their capacity, adding, “We will be working hard for getting funds for mega projects.”[caption id="attachment_29799" align="aligncenter" width="940"]Amadan, nishashtan, guftan, barkhastan Amadan, nishashtan, guftan, barkhastan[/caption] ]]>

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  1. After floods and quake, these ngos have failed to come to the help of poor people. here i wonder whom they are trying to please. akrsp seems to be not on right track. in many villages, it orchestrated cbos and made the villagers bankrupt for nothing. it is time the ngo took practical steps to end poverty and take community on board in its projects such as construction of powerhouses etc.

  2. Being an elected leader of the area hit by disasters the MNA has every right to be present at as many places as he would want to though may be late but still he did appear and we must appreciate that. But I do agree with the writer to some extent that why it is always the case with AKRSP and another RSP that against the very basic philosophy of being the Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) they are so closely attached with political parties and personalities of Chitral? This gives rise to a perception (may or may not be true) that these NGOs are actually helping these political figures to implement their agendas at no cost, thus they are gaining not only popularity but also support of the masses which help them win elections. Ideally an NGO by its very definition should be carrying out developmental projects according to their vision, mission, and objective- for which either the govt. doesn’t have the capacity; or foresight to understand the needs of the people in the long run; or lack of intention to provide facilities to people; or may be due to shortage of funds. Ironically both the leaders and these NGOs play a role hand in hand to attain their own objectives. For the leader one doesn’t need rocket science to understand why He/She would use such tactics but for these NGOs especially the ones mentioned earlier, it is beyond my understanding why would they do it? Are these NGOs so weak that they don’t have a moral courage to implement their own work by themselves? or may be there is something wrong deep down inside which has to be safeguarded and who else could they turn to for help if needed, other than the political leaders? It is a known fact that people inside these NGOs have strong political affiliations; so much so that I once heard a senior AKRSP Manager saying that the lead position at AKRSP Chitral which is the RPM, is a Political Position. You can imagine what would be inside story if the senior most slot in a non profit non governmental organisation becomes political.
    We are about to enter into 2016 and this organisation is run the way it started in 1982. Things need to be changed in the positive direction-one where nepotism, favouritism, political affiliations and fear should not be stamped with an NGO.
    I like Shahzada Iftikhar as he is a highly educated man and has definitely got a vision for Chitral that I know if only he could get rid of the darbaris around him.

  3. Long live Shahzada sahib. There shall always remain difference between the ruler and subject as depicted from the writers stress on MNA Iftikharudin. there is no shame in calling him shahzada as his forefathers have ruled over u for past 500 years. I would have agreed if any such report was issued against other political leaders who have been doing so since 4 months but the writer noticed only when the most pious political leader of Chitral appeared.

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