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Female college students end protest

resh copy On Thursday morning, the students had restarted their protest after the local administration failed to keep its promise of resolving their transportation issue within three days. The students were of the view that they have not been able to go to their college as their bus could not come to Reshun from Booni since the July 17 floods damaged the road which was yet to be built fully. On Thursday, AC Mastuj at Booni Minhas Uddin asked the administration of the college to ply the bus to pick the students from Reshun. Sources said the administration was making the excuse that the bus could not run on the damaged road. But on the pressure of the AC, the college admin later send the bus to Reshun which from Friday will start transporting the students to and from the college. Three days ago, the female college students had blocked the Chitral-Mastuj road against the unavailability of the college bus to take them to the college from their villages. Some officials of the local administration had promised that their demand would be met in three days. As a result, the students had called off their protest. However, after the suspension of the protest, the government officials could not resolve the issue. So, on Thursday morning, the students again launched their protest by blocking the Chitral-Mastuj road at Reshun. Hundreds of passengers vehicles were seen stranded in the Reshun village. The students said they would not end their protest unless the deputy commissioner personally visits the spot and resolves their issue.]]>

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