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Osama Ahmad Waraich new DC Chitral

osamaHaq has been replaced with Osama Ahmad Waraich, who will take charge of the office soon. Mr Waraich, an officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), is currently posted as the additional deputy commissioner of Peshawar. Aminul Haq was made director Civil Defence Peshawar, a post which remained vacant for long. It may be noted that for long political and social circles of Chitral had been demanding the transfer of the DC. He had been accused of influencing the May 2015 local government elections in Chitral in favour of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Besides, it was also alleged that the DC made appointments in the border police without following rules and in violation of merit. In the controversy over the non-issuance of a visa to the British principal of Langlands School and College, Mr Haq also allegedly played a role in favour of a group of teachers who were sacked by the principal, Carey Schofield.]]>

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  1. Shamsher says

    I just want to appreciate the great efforts made by a brilliant member of “The Team Deputy Commissioner Chitral, as he has started a crackdown on patwaris who had given undue favours to their kith and kin.
    It is no other than Assistant Commissioner Mastuj Hamidullah Khan Khattak. They way he has exposed the patwaris is commendable. He is personally taking stock of the situation by going on the field instead of relying on corrupt patwaris.
    His posting in the area has come as a blessing for the people of the area, who were bearing brunt of corrupt patwaris. The patwaris were distributing the relief funds to their dear and near ones like zakat money without any verification.
    We request Mr. Khattak to pls spend at least two days in Brep village, where a large number of people have been given undue favours by patwaris. The way people staged a protest demonstration against an additional assistant commissioner in Mastuj speaks volume how transparent survey he had conducted.
    The people of Brep are looking forward to Mr Waraich and Mr Khattak. Very well done, Mr Khattak, keep up the good work, the people of upper Chitral are with you. They way you have tightened the noose around the corrupt patwaris and their cronies, has given a sigh of relief to the people of the area.

  2. Muhammad Amin Baloch says

    We hope that the newly deputed DC Chitral will help to bridge the gaps left by his predecessor.He is a young and seems energetic.However,his first test case would be giving justice to the affectees of the recent devastating earthquake.It is hoped that he will take stern actions against the perpetrators in the cheque distribution and other favouratism shown in Chitral.
    Wish him all the best

  3. muhammad Hayat Khan says

    Dear Sir i hope you are fine and well. actually i want to bring it to your knowledge… that in chitral specially laspoor(harchin)checks to the earth quick in chitral are distributed totally unfairly. and ignored the deserving people. and the political candidates involve in this matter. they distributed it totally to according to their preference.i am i Islamabad now. so i hardly find this site to leave a comments. i also trying to trace your contact number…i hope you will take action in this matter.
    Muhammad Hayat Khan
    cell # 03325728656

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