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Experts discuss preservation of Yidgha language

yidgha Community leaders, teachers, professionals and students participated in the five-day-long workshop. After the five days’ of intensive brainstorming, group work and discussion with speakers and participants including the language experts outlined Yidgha alphabets, vowels, consonants, compound words, nouns and verbs. A complete report on the workshop will be presented to the Yidgha Language Committee during the next meeting. The organizers thanked all the partner organizations and the participants, especially USAID for the funding, in order to preserve the vanishing language of the area. Those who spoke on the occasion included Mr Nasim from the FLI, Mr. Farid Ahmed Raza, FLI, Mr. Dost Mohammad Khan, Principal GHS and PPC College and Mr. Bahauddin, teacher GHS. ]]>

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