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District nazims want training sessions at tehsil level too

nazims With a focus on LG system, Planning, Development and Finance the workshop orientated Nazimeen on the processes, procedures and rules as defined and formulated by departments of Planning and Development (P&D), Finance and Local Government. For majority of the Nazimeen this has been the only opportunity since their election to understand the Local Government Act 2013 and Rule of Businesses for three tiers of local governance including District, Tehsil, and Village and Neighbourhood Councils besides more clarity on Fiscal decentralization, PFC award and the LG Budget Rules. The workshop provided an opportunity to the newly elected representatives have clarity on district ADP preparation and its utilization besides information planning and development guidelines for LGs. The LGE&RD department with a technical support from Sub-National Governance (SNG) Program has arranged and sponsored this orientation workshop aimed at strengthening LG institutions and broaden the knowledge of elected leadership on new systems. The district Nazim Hangu termed training was fruitful in term of understanding devolution of power to districts and responsibilities of district Nazim in this context. “The training cleared my idea of division of powers to district and lower tiers and for this I am thankful to the organizers” said Ubaidullah district Nazim Hangu. For district Nazim Chitral this was a good opportunity to interact with provincial government authorities and clear reservations on many undecided issues. “The training process should be extended to tehsil and union council level representatives,” said Mughfirat Shah District Nazim Chitral. “Much clarity was needed on many things including Local Government Act, processes and procedures of the newly established Local Government system and this training helped us understanding these areas having discussion with provincial authorities”, said Himayat Ullah Mayar district Nazim Mardan. For district Nazim D.I. Khan this was a good opportunity to have interaction with other district Nazimeen and authorities for sharing experiences and learn rules and procedures. “The lectures on finance and planning as well as on local government system were new for me” said Azizullah Alizai, the youngest Nazim of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa elected. Earlier, Senior Minister LGE&RD Inayat Ullah Khan inaugurated the two day orientation workshop on 5th October 2015 attended by Minister Information Public Relations and Higher Education Mushtaq Ghani, Finance Minister Muzaffar Said, Chief Secretary Amjad Ali Khan and participated by dignitaries and senior officials of the government and international organizations. ]]>

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