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Assessment of damaged houses in three UCs completes

blso They also distributed shelters among the 250 partially affected households while 250 fully damaged household will get the shelters in the coming week, says a press release issued by the Biyar Local Support Organization (BLSO). “The HANDs high command acknowledges the difficulties of the mountainous people and decided to assist another 250 fully damaged households in these three UCs. Therefore, the HANDs and BLSO staff visited these three UCs and completed the assessment of flood-hit people.” The flood-affected people, political and religious and social workers appreciated HANDs for playing a leading role in the rehabilitation process. They hoped that HANDs would also support to improve the livelihood condition of these affected people. They also requested HANDS Pakistan to provide shelter materials to other affected UCs in Chitral particularly upper Chitral before the winter season where people would be facing a very difficult situation due to the harsh weather and heavy snowfall. ]]>

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