JI leader says Maghfirat Shah fanning ethnic hatred, extremism

Mukhtar Ahmad Sangeen Mukhtar Ahmad Sangeen[/caption] Talking to ChitralToday, Mukhtar Ahmad Sangeen, the Amir of JI Upper Chitral, said Maghfirat Shah had become the ringleader of all mafias in Chitral in order to achieve his own vested interests. He also alleged that Maghfirat Shah had been promoting religious extremism in lower Chitral. In Upper Chitral, by forming and patronizing the YUFT union the district nazim is trying to widen the ethnic polarization. Religious extremism, ethnic divisions and regional polarization, he stressed, would be dangerous for peace and sectarian harmony of Chitral. He said to become the district nazim, Maghfirat Shah also trampled all the principles and ideological values of the JI. “Now people have started terming Jamaat-e-Islami as a Ghunda group because it kidnapped the members of other parties to later use them for its own interests. This public perception about the JI was created only because of Maghfirat Shah,” he added. Mr Sangeen said during the last many years Maghfirat Shah’s hand and JI’s name had been seen behind almost all illegal acts and corruption in the district. Despite all these, however, the central and provincial leadership of the JI never took notice of the issue which is a matter of surprise for the workers of the party. Mr Sangeen called upon the JI Pakistan chief, Sirajul Haq, and the provincial party leadership to take action against Maghfirat Shah for tarnishing the image of the party in Chitral.]]>

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  1. May Hairan Is Baat Per Hun kay Log Kua Maghfirat shah sahib kay khulaf hay aj mujay pata chala kay woh Leader hay leader 5 partio ko din may taray dikhaya aour ye log bs JALTAY hay un ki siasat say Jalnay walay jalay >>>>>Great leader maghfirat shah

  2. Interesting debate! isn’t it? The religio- ethnic power game that’s it nothing else. Politics by its very definition says that it is the process of influencing people. In Chitral it has reached to the highest possible mark given the definition as parties and leaders (can) use anything and everything to get elected-be it through an infamous way or otherwise. Religion and money have always played a role in the dirty politics of Chitral and there is nothing new in it so we shouldn’t make a fuss of it here rather we should look at the suitability of the candidates for a certain position. Apart from all other differences one must give this credit to the elected District Nazim that he turned out to be the master of our dirty politics. Why? because its not easy to gain support from the members of another political party which has its bases in a certain definition of faith, not much different in practice to JI but politically standing at the other extreme; is not an easy task. He has some political guts to make it happen so the credit must be given-though how he did that; is debatable. I don’t think the internal party matters concern the public as this is between them and they are the ones who should resolve the issues by involving mediators. This has happened in the past and tend to happen in future too.

  3. i have one question, that is why these politicians using name of Islam religion always hold their hands aloft to show unity to masses and after taking their vote in name of religion come at each other’s throat for power and money. petty power politics, isn’t it???

  4. Whosoever in the political field gets a chance, uses foul means for political gains. The mullah does it with the mullah union (MMA), some do it with the ethnic union (Aubia union, Dashmanay union, Syed union, etc), some are now fanning the YUFT Union. Ethnic considerations are being encouraged by a certain community to counter religious biases. Every body is a hypocrite, in whatever capacity he can manage to be, regardless, so why blame Maghfirat Shah.

  5. Peer Zada Booni ! Good and appreciable reporting keep it up …. could I have your cell number plz… YOU can find me on FB as Shams AKHSS

  6. I 100 % agree with this man. So true and he said so bluntly, Maghfirat Shah is the head of the Yuft Union and its on record that he provided monetary and other assistance to the candidates of other political parties other than JI through the JI Minister during the recent elections. Some of the noted people party candidates were already in his pocket and it was sure than that they would vote for maghfirat Shah.
    This current mess speaks the volumes of the way things are managed in the Jamat Islami party.

  7. Jahan tak mujhe maloom hai, Mr. Mukhtar ko Maghfirat Shah ne apni amarat k daur mein party se kharij kr ne ki sifarish ki thee qyunki Mukhtar ne Jamaat k baitul maal ki audit karane se bhaak gae the. Ek jamaati source k mutabiq, Mukhtar Jamaat k 1 lakh rupee se ziada k corruption me mulauis he. Mukhtar ko kisi bhi waqt Jamaat se kharij kia ja raha hai.

  8. Mukhtar Ahamd is afraid of Youft union. As the far as the party discipline is concern Maghfirat Shah is no more district Ameer now.

    1. dear youft union has already met its fate. stop daydreaming bcoz the very nomenclature shows inferiority complex of the founders of the union who have nothing else to do and r now rotting in chitral town. they r so cowards that they always hold meetings after midnight to hatch conspiracies. everyone in chitral is equal and no one should be allowed to divide the chitrali people.

  9. What a sangeen accusation rather calling a spade a spade which one can only expect from a sangeen man like Mukhtar Ahmad Sangeen. His statement accusing Maghfirat Shah of promoting sectarianism is very serious. It was me who had pointed out through comment on this very platform when Maghfirat Shah delivered his first speech after taking over as district mayor. Forget about the party as his very appointment as district mayor is not going to benefit anyone in Chitral given his controversial past track. At the same time, we must not blame him as it is the fault of some Ismaili opportunists who voted him violating their party discipline. In fact, Maghfirat Shah is definitely going to misuse the JI platform for his own vested interests because it is clear to him that his days are numbered. A no confidence motion will be moved against him after six months and meanwhile he will not hesitate to pressure the chicken-hearted accidental district council members.

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