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Backing Sardar Hussain was a blunder

Abu Lais Ramdasi Abu Lais Ramdasi [/caption]In a statement here on Friday, Ramdasi said he had made a big mistake by supporting Sardar Hussain to become the MPA from Upper Chitral. He said the people of the area are now facing the results of his wrong decision. He said when a sitting MPA cannot arrange a meager amount of Rs48,000 to transport relief items sent by his own party for the flood-affected people from Denin, what expectations the people should have from him. The relief items are rotting in a godown in Denin for the last over two months, he added. The PPP leader said the Sindh government had arranged Rs50 million for the flood-affected people of Chitral out of which upper Chitral got Rs2.5 million. But instead of spending the amount in the flood-hit people equally the MPA upper Chitral distributed the area’s share among his own spoons. He said an inquiry should be conducted into this allegation. Now when the flood-hit people are shivering in ramshackle tents with the onset of the cold weather, the MPA has reached Skardu and is hiding in the house of his in-laws there, Ramdasi added. He said Sardar Hussain had lost all options except resigning from the seat as he can no longer befool the people of upper Chitral.]]>

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