Canadian citizens thanked for helping flood affectees

blso In this regard, a ceremony was held at Reshun to distribute the food items among the affectees of the flood-hit village of Reshun and Green Lasht. The ceremony was attended by the chairmen and members of village councils, BLSO chairman and its BOD members and staff besides a large number of people. Speaking on the occasion, BLSO Chairman Zahir Uddin Baber said the organization was working in the area since 2005 with the help of local people, youth organizations, government departments, NGOs and philanthropists. He said after the devastating floods, the BLSO contacted different organizations, philanthropists in the country and abroad to help the flood affectees. “We thank Ms. Sehresh and Mr. Roshdan for the collection of donations in Canada and sending the amount to the BLSO to purchase food items for the flood affectees.” He said the food items distributed among the people included rice, cooking oil, sugar, tea etc. The BLSO chairman also thanked the Canadian people for their contribution towards helping the people of Chitral and expressed the hope that they would extend the cooperation to more people affected by the floods in the area. He also thanked the World Food Programme (WFP) representative to fulfill their commitment made at a meeting held in Reshun on August 6 to provide food items to the flood-affected people of the area. Mr. Chiragh Uddin and Mr. Sardar Hussain Shah on the occasion also thanked the Canadian people and Khalid Rasul, the WFP programme officer, for their assistance to the flood-hit people. Coordinator BLSO Akhtar Uddin was also present.]]>

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  1. dear Mr. Bari, The point is not goal scoring or becoming famous or any kind of publicity as these two individual don’t need that because of their humble nature. It was a correction only just to explain that those two individuals are not actually Canadians rather Chitralies. I don’t think its inappropriate to mention their names and their relations as we don’t see apparent reason for a Canadian citizen to help flood affected people of a remote district in the most northern part of Pakistan unless there is some link there. Otherwise why wouldn’t any John, mike, Thomas etc. help these people. You may be right in your own context but I feel that could be true if the donation comes through an Organisation or NGO. Thank you.

  2. bo jm korum rushdan lal and sehrish kai go ahead with the same gesture, abdul bari brar it is necessary to mention that they are pakistani citizen belong to morder chitral,i think there is nothing wrong to introduce someone in a correct way.

  3. “Do good and care not to whom”. I do not think it was necessary to mention the people who collected the donations for the flood victims of Chitral. We appreciate their gesture but insisting to mention their names, saying they are related to XYZ is no appropriate at all.

  4. Thanks sehresh Roshdan Canadian people and Biyar local Support Organization for their support of flood victims in the area.

  5. Dear Editor,
    It would have been better if you could have added to the above news that Mr. Rushdan Ali Tariq and Mrs. Sehrish Rushdan Tariq are not only Canadian citizens rather they have roots here and they belong to Morder and are the Nephew and daughter in law of Ex-MPA Chitral Zain ul Abidin.
    Thank you and kind regards,

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