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  1. Liaquat Ali says

    We should welcome him to Chitral with a wish that he should keep his base in Chitral or in KPK Peshawar to help resolve the issues of Chitral. Mr. Sultan Wazir visited Chitral and met people of Brep with books, note books and uniform for school going children lost and buried under flood with their residential houses. Parents and specially Children were found encouraged and thanked Sultan Wazir.

  2. shams says

    Comments given by Saif are true, there are many Chitralis who have worked in good positions in different government organizations, can anyone of them provide the details of activities done for the betterment of Chitral or Chitrali people. If anyone of them have done good job that is restricted to his/her relatives not for the area or people. There are individuals like Sultan Wazir, who refused to meet the Chitrali people who visited their offices seeking support. PMG is the only person who has worked for the area irrespective of region, religion and race, we all must be thankful for his efforts.

  3. Saifuddin Saif says

    This is in response to Mr. Fazal Ahmad’s comments on Mr. Sultan Wazir’s joining PPP. Strangely enough the respected writer seems to have lack of knowledge or should I say information on the political scene here in Chitral. There are two Provincial Assembly seats in Chitral and both are held by PPP MPAs. Isn’t that enough proof for you to rethink on your views about PPP?. It is only PPP in whose governments people have enjoyed power. It would be a meaningless debate if we start comparisons between PPP govts and the other representations. The problem is that due to one corrupt man at the top we judge the whole of PPP as a failed party.
    Secondly, you know and I know that Income Tax department doesn’t work in Chitral otherwise he could have given employment to many like the respected PMG sahib did in his time but don’t you think it is a matter of pride for us just to give his name as a reference whenever there arose any issue? and for that matter of any Chitrali bureaucrat? Well you may be some big shot, but I did use his name as a reference on many occasions and got work done, and this gentleman doesn’t even know that.
    The last part, my very personal question from you Mr. Fazal Ahmad, What have you done for Chitral so far, can you give us a brief list of those projects you brought in? or if you would like to take your comments back ? My sincere apologies if you didn’t like it but we must think twice before what we write. Thank you , Saif.

  4. Hameed ud Din says

    Meh khanja la zhan ju khalan

  5. Safdar Khan says

    No comments

  6. Fazal Ahmad says

    The PPP already stands at its last leg in Chitral due to the step-motherly treatment towards Chitralis when the party was in power from 2008 to 2013. As far as revival of the party is concerned, again it is like building castles in the air. Wish Sultan Wazir could have done something for the area when he was holding power. It is nothing but a game of survival.

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