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  1. yaqoob ali khan says

    Now it is useless to hold further meeting regarding the micro loans as they have already been remitted by Nawaz Sharif when he came to Kuragh. At the time of people’s party govt when Gillani announced in Peshawar the relief for Malakand division then no one paid the micro loan in Chitral. Now the flood took away all the landed lone money. prime minister came to Chitral and announced the waiving of all loans. The question is about which loans the people are asking. they have gone forget them.

  2. Arshad says

    The very concept of writing off loans is unjust and ill founded.There are other ways of helping natural disaster affectees but wrhting off loans interferes and corrupts the banking system besides putting the people into bad habit of first taking a loan and then praying for flood, earthquake etc to have their loans written off. Also is the fact that most loan takers are not affectees. What about affectees who have not taken loan?

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