An appeal to political leaders of Chitral


letterWith due respect you are being reminded here that during the catastrophic spell of floods the valley of Kosht was badly affected. The whole infrastructure was destroyed. Two vehicular bridges along with the main valley road were drifted away.  The locals of the area after striving hard on self-help basis were just able to restore some irrigational channels, water supply schemes and some parts of the link road but the burning question which is still unresolved is that of bridges. A population of more than 14,000 people is confined for the last couple of months. The lack of food commodities, unavailability of healthcare facilities and absence of conveyance services for common people as well as students are the main issues. A bulk of human resource has also been suffering while travelling in context of service delivery. Although the risky Shogram-Gohkeer route is utilized to some extent for the time being but as the winter is approaching there would be no possibility of traffic via the said route during the harsh season.  Under such circumstances to avoid any prospective humanitarian crisis, you are being requested to ensure the reconstruction of bridges and roads as soon as possible. We hope you all will take it seriously and try your level best to get the job done. Akbar Hussain Kosht, Chitral. ]]>

  1. Sultan Wazir says

    I fully agree with Akbar Hussain.Bridges on the Torkhow river at Kosht site and the Muxgol site are vital not only for the people of Kosht and the adjacent areas but all the people living in Mulkhow and Torkhow.In winters Torkhow road is oftenly blocked by the heavy snowfall and glaciers.Mulkhow road is the only alternate to Torkhow.The concerned government authotities should have given the number one priority to these bridges.Their negligence is highly condemnable.It is the responsibility of the political leaders to take such important things in their priority and convince the concerned authorities to take the immediate necessary measures in such vital needs of the public.Delay in construction of these Two bridges is no more tolerable.We demand immediate start of costruction of these bridges.It may be mentioned here that in case of further delay,a public campaign will be started both in Mulkhow and Torkhow.

  2. Abdul Jabbar says

    Forget these people can do anything for the flood victims. In ka kaam he apni apni dukaan chamkana and that’s it. It has been about a month now since Mafirat Shah took oath as nazim. But the first thing that he did soon after taking over as nazim is inaugurating a football tournament. A cleric and football are two different things. He is yet to visit the flood victims. I am afraid to say that he is still busy in making ‘guraka halwa’, the favourit dish of the clerics, for the JUI turncoats.

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