Senate chairman seeks report on visa delay to British educationist

Zulfiqar Ahmad

ISLAMABAD: The chairman of Senate has sought a report from the interior ministry on delay to issuance of a visa to Carey Schofiled, principal of Langlkands School and College Chitral.

He sought the report after the issue was raised by Senator Samina Abid of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on July 7. The house was informed by the interior ministry that the issue was still under consideration. Without citing any solid reason for the delay in issuing the visa, the state minister for interior Baligur Rehman said the Board of Investment (BoI) had recommended Carey Schofield for a business visa which was being considered by the ministry.

“The BoI had given a business visa to Ms Schofield in 2010-11 for one year, and renewed every one year after the expiry of the visa. And now she has again applied for a work visa through BoI, which is being considered,” he added. Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, leader of opposition in Senate, regretted the attitude of the government for intentionally delaying the visa to the British educationist, saying it was surprising to see how it discouraged people who wanted to serve Pakistan.

“I just want to ask the government who wants to come to Pakistan in these circumstances…if a British lady wants to educate your children and that too in a backward area like Chitral, you should beg her to come,” he maintained. “This is quite unfortunate to see that the government has delayed her visa….you should not only facilitate such great people rather go there [UK] and beg her to come back as her sole purpose is to educate the children in an area where the services of such people are needed the most,” he lamented.

Rehman said that the visa to Carey Schofield was under process and the government would facilitate the British educationist as much as it can, adding it is a lengthy process as the foreigners apply for business visa through BoI. “The issue was also highlighted by both national and international media. Now, the BoI has recommended her…we’ll try to expedite the matter, and hopefully there will be visible progress before October 5, as the chairman [Senate] has already sought report by next session,” he added.

Carey Schofield is a British educationist who has been working as a principal at Langlands School and College in Chitral since 2013. The interior ministry has delayed the renewal of her visa after GD Langlands, a former principal of the school, who taught interior minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan at Atchison College Lahore, misguided him in connivance with some teachers who were sacked by Ms Carey.   

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  1. It is very difficult to understand the TLSC’s quagmire. Though i have noticed and observed those characters who apparently support the greater cause but actually, it seems that they playing double game.they are really the ones who actually twisted the matter. Some of them apparently extend their support for miss carey return but in reality they dont want her back at all. These greedy characters have very cunningly removed the old teachers who gave their whole life for this school through miss carey and then set a plan to eliminate miss carey. Unfortunately they to a greater extend, succeeded in their plan.
    But i am very hopeful soon all these black sheep will be unveiled and all chitralis will come to know their real face….

  2. @khan we expect miracles on her part as her revolutionary steps were so speedy over the past two years..she has turned an educational centre into a little court where she exercised dictatoral powers…now she has got a remote control in her hand by which she tries to run a school while seated afar….gathering people’s sympathies….another point to be noted here is that prince and princesses should live inside is oyt of their capacity to go ahead with a school.look what they have done!they repeated repeated their history here!

  3. #Abid yes, you are right. He should stay away from these things because people like you will never understand. what a shame really, and I would like to advise (sadly) to Mr Abid The board member? the teacher? or the student? of TLSC. OH ! NONE actually, not to interfere rather talk seriously nobody wants your advice keep that in your pocket. Mr Siraj ul mulk is doing something and you guys are sitting on your desktops idle just commenting and judging those who are working for your people for the future of Chitral.(Banna Xhuti Baanna Tirosh).

  4. OMG. But we were continuously reminded by Zulfiqar Ahmed and Sirajul Mulk that everything is alright and Miss Carrey will be landing in Chitral any Monday. I thought she is already in Chitral and staying in the lush Hindukush Heights.
    On this occasion, i would like to extend my sympathies to Sirajul Mulk and would like to advise him to stay away from things that are not related to him.

  5. it is a matter of great concern that how a lady inspired our chitrali mob so strongly that even they cant budge without her….she did not hit miracles as we found no particular outstanding results at level as govt colleges of chitral grabed top positions….while her controlled college remained behind in the race inspite if her so much insistance on quality….her well chosen teachers failed to give desired result..her disciplined students proved worthless!

    1. Dear Waseem, you can’t expect results overnight. It is not a matter of magic, which can turn over things within no time. She has just started it from the grass root level and results will show gradual improvement.

  6. Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Barrister Aitizaz Ahsan is quite right in lamenting about such delays in our system which adversely affect an important matter in a far flung area. It is bad luck for Chitral that Senators Samina Abid and Senator Mushahid Hussain, who know the details of this particular case, were not in the senate that day to support Aitizaz. Meanwhile the parents of the children of Langlands School and College Chitral remain worried about the fate of the school which reopened a month ago without its Principal and guiding light Miss Carey Schofield who is held in high esteem by the majority of the public in Chitral for selfless efforts and dedication to provide quality education to our children at an affordable price.

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