Moscow echoes with Chitrali music

dance Moscow City is celebrating its 868th birth anniversary and the music festival is part of the celebrations. The IMMF parade takes place each year in September with the best Russian and international military orchestras performing together at Moscow`s Red Square for nine days. An ISPR release said Pakistan tri-services band performed at Sokolniki Park and played ceremonial and marching tunes, including the national anthem and patriotic songs. The performance of the Pakistani band was acknowledged and widely admired by all. The festival unites the best military bands, ceremonial units and folklore groups from different countries. Because of the festival, military musicians figure as ambassadors of peace and mutual respect among peoples representing the diversity of national, artistic and military traditions. Adjutant General of Pakistan Army Lt Gen Zamirul Hassan Shah witnessed the closing ceremony of the IMMF held on Sunday.–APP]]>

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  1. Good it is absolutely good effort by Pakistan. Such sessions should be attended because of strengthening the relations between Pakistan and Russia.

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