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Controversial APML leader says he wants to fulfil Musharraf's dreams about Chitral

apmlQuite a large number of party workers and activists from different parts of Chitral and Khorkashan Deh attended the meeting, it added. The press release said acting president of the APML Chitral, Syed Nasir Ali Shah, garlanded and welcomed scores of people who joined the APML on the occasion. The newcomers included former PSF Peshawar president Sajjad Ali, Haji Ghulam Hazrat, Muhammad Hussain, Karim Khan, Sohrab Khan and Sifatullah Jan. Addressing the meeting, the APML acting president said the party was not a fief of any individual rather it belonged to all those who wanted to bring prosperity and development to Chitral. He said the APML was the only party which was free of corrupt elements. He said Pervez Musharraf wanted Chitral prosperous and developed and he (Shah) was ambitious to fulfill Musharraf’s dreams about Chitral. Speaking on the occasion, Ghulam Hazrat and Zulfiqar Hashmi said youths of Chitral should get united and support Nasir Ali Shah. They said that the APML needed young and energetic leadership that can represent the aspirations of the people of Chitral. They also expressed their full support to Mr Shah, the press release added.]]>

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