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Torture in the hands of NHA

WOI have been subjected to NHA criminal negligence and torture for the last ten yeasrs at the Jughour Chitral main road.
It is the only main road that links Peshawar with Chitral. It is the most busiest route and is situated in a urbanised and a very thickly populated area. Due to the poor planning and management, there is no sign of road anymore. Due to the accumulation of polluted water for the last ten years, the foothpath on both sides of the road have completely dissapeared. Women, senior citizens and school-going children have been humialated and tortured by the NHA. The winter season is coming soon, the situation will be further alarming due to the freezing temperatures. Every day during winter many motorcyclists face minor and major injuries due to accidents which could be fatal.
I have personely raised this issue through social media, print and electronic media also. I have also issued letters to PM Nawaz, PTI cheif Imran Khan, CM KPK Khattak and the NHA chairman but nobody is responding, They are turninig their deaf ears towards this problem.
When PM Nawaz , CMKPK and PTI chairman Imran Khan were here during the floodings, the NHA made fool of us and also cheated the PM and Imran Khan. The NHA overnight 2:30am unloaded a numbers of trucks loaded with sand and soil. They were successfull to clean their mess on temperory basis to give an impression to the VVIPs that their is no problem at this very spot. After the VVIPs departure we are once again at their mercy. In case of any damage to the property and lives of people, I will expose NHA chairman, PM Nawaz, the chief minister Khattak and Imran Khan because ultimately it is their responsibility to safeguard and protect the lives and property of people.
The NHA is no more an athourity it is indeed acting just like a puppet. It can easily be pressurized and influnced by religious and political entities. In my previous article published in different online newspapers, I have completley rejected and condemned the negative role and barbaric thinking related with this very issue. We the new generation and youth of Chitral completey reject corruptions in all its forms and manifastations and reject nepotism and violation of merit because this is the new begining, new era, we know what are our fundamental rights, because THIS IS NEW PAKISTAN, NAYA PAKISTAN.I hope NHA on emergency basis will solve this manace in oder to give people a safe and respctable passage which is their duty.

Shayan Sultan

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